review: Mirusia - from the heart

Mirusia didn't just pick any average musicians to accompany her show. One of her talented musicians is guitarist Martijn Buijnsters, who accompanies Mirusia on the song Romanza. Just the two of them performing the song makes it very intimate, like they're just sitting in a living room with the audience. Martijn's gentle guitar playing and Mirusia's soft toned voice melt together beautifully and for a moment they make me completely forget about the world. When the song is finished, there even is a brief moment of total silence before the audience rewards them with a thunderous applause. The guitarist also accompanies Mirusia on Colours of the Wind – known from the Disney movie Pocahontas – which he does fenomenally. It's not hard to see the resemblance between Mirusia and a Disney princess – a role which would fit her like a glove. Her angelic voice, blonde curly hair and sparkling eyes are well-matched with Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. 

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